Is there a difference between window repair and window restoration?

Yes.  Generally, repairs are done onsite, and restoration is a complete strip down and refinishing process that must take place in our shop.

A window repair focuses on mechanical operation, and that could mean anything from replacing a piece of glass to a sash cord missing or fixing hardware on a new window, and it’s a good choice if your windows are in otherwise good condition.  We do service modern windows. 

Restoration is a much more thorough process that addresses every aspect of your old wood window, and the goal is to return your window to nearly new condition.  New windows are meant to get replaced; old windows get restored.

How long does the restoration process take?

Mechanical restoration is completed on site and typically takes a day per window.

Depending on the quantity and condition of the windows involved, full restoration takes about 4 weeks to allow for drying times and the amount of work that is required to do the job properly.

Are there certain windows that can not be restored?

Yes.  Windows with insulated glass, windows that have aluminum clad exterior, windows that have been previously replaced, double hung windows that do not operate with the weight and pulley system, casement windows that do not operate on standard hinges, windows that you know the manufacturer of – typically any window that was built after 1940 is not ideal for restoration.

Will our home be open to the elements when you take our windows to restore them?

No.  It makes sense that your window openings will be secured to your satisfaction and weather-tight while the sashes are at our shop.

Do you work with architects and/or general contractors?

Yes, and we do this frequently for large renovation projects.  We are happy to look at any blueprints or building plans you have.

How far will you work from your shop?

Generally, if you are within an hour’s drive radius of our shop in Skokie, we would love to restore your windows. But we will be happy to discus traveling further if agreeable to all concerned and allowance is made for reasonable and necessary out of pocket travel expenses.

Will you restore a single window?

We will do full restoration on anywhere from one window to one hundred.

Do you restore entry doors as well?


What about storm windows?

Logically, it makes little sense to restore your windows and ignore storms and screens, if you think about it. Storm windows are an important part of proper window restoration.  We offer a variety of storm window options.

Will you install storm windows without window restoration?


Can you preserve my existing wavy or frosted glass?

Yes, in most cases.

Can you restore windows that have broken stained glass?


Can you replace the old single pane glass with insulated glass?

It is possible in some cases, but we discourage it for a number of reasons that we will happily explain.