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Historic Wood Windows
A Tip Sheet from the National Trust for Historic Preservation Fact sheet offering introductory guidance on window maintenance, weatherization, and lead paint. Includes extensive reference section outlining additional window repair resources.

Save America’s Windows (Historic HomeWorks)
For those looking for more advanced window repair resources, this 140 page book ($30) covers traditional methods and the latest in modern high-tech materials and techniques.

Weatherization Guide for Older & Historic Buildings
Developed by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, this web resource offers useful guidance for improving the energy efficiency of older and historic buildings without jeopardizing their unique character and architectural details. Includes variety of window-related resources.

Storm Windows Save Energy 
Although new, high-performance windows are the ideal, simply putting up storm windows in the wintertime can be a very effective alternative. By Colleen Turrell, from Home Energy Digest.
This is a testing method for windows that includes air infiltration as well as thermal energy flow. Any assessment that does not consider thermal energy flow as well as infiltration is incomplete.

A windows tip sheet from the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

“What Replacement Windows Can’t Replace: The Real Cost of Replacing Historic Windows”

Comparative Study of the Cumulative Energy 
Use of Historical Versus Contemporary Windows, Frank Shirley, Fred Gamble, Jarod Galvin, December 3, 2010. "This study compares the life-cycle costs of two residential window systems in a pre-1940 house in Boston, Massachusetts. One is an original double-hung window with a new triple-track storm unit. The other is a new, vinyl, double-hung replacement window. Our results are obtained from an algorithm that yields the total present value of all costs associated with a window system over its entire life, including acquisition, installation, maintenance, and energy. Our study provided two notable findings: (1) the thermal performances of the two window systems are similar; and (2) taking all costs into account, it is more cost effective to add a storm window to an historical window, and it remains so at all times for the full 100-year life we considered."

Saving Energy in Historic Buildings: Balancing Efficiency and Value, 
John H. Clver and Brad Randall, 2010 
An energy model on a rehab project which shows that the energy savings of replacement windows versus restored & stormed windows is virtually identical. When analyzed as a return-on-investment, the replacement windows actually never show a return. 

English Heritage Proves Saving Windows Better than Replacing: summary with good quotes, all the window repair methods, scientific methods and data complete, very easy to understand.


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